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Offspring Comes For Robe in the UK

November 2015

U.S. punk rock band Offspring recently played two major UK dates with a lightshow created by long term LD Lawrence Upton.

The gigs were part of the bands "Coming For You" world tour ahead of the band’s much anticipated ninth studio album, which is expected in 2016. Upton utilised Robe BMFL Spots for the first time, 16 of which were provided by Leeds based Zig Zag Lighting, together with another 52 Robe moving lights - 20 Pointes, 22 LEDWash 600s and 10 600E Spots. Zig Zag, was one of the first rental companies to invest in the fixtures. Upton’s show, which he has worked on with the band for some years, is full of big, bold, loud, hard-edged rock-out looks, for which BMFLs are absolutely bang-on to match the band’s powerful stage presence.

The BMFLs and other Robes were offered by Zig Zag, working for promoters SJM, on the UK dates, and Lawrence jumped at the chance. It was his first time using BMFLs and he commented, “They were amazing.” The Pointes were utilised for endless beam effects plus a variety of softer looks, all easily possible due to their multi-functionality. “They have a nice punch,” he added. The last time Upton had used Robe products on a show was some years ago, in fact back in the heyday of the ColorSpot 1200E ATs on a Kirk Franklin US tour, and he remembers that they were the only fixtures on that rig that didn’t need any spares or repairs. Using the new Robe fixtures and remarked that they have “Come a long way since then. They are building very good fixtures.” Lawrence used a MA Lighting grandMA2 console for control, and Zig Zag’s crew included Tom Clifford-Loynes, Damian Courage, James Britten and Frazer Healey. Jonathan Dawson-Butterworth from Lighting Productions supplied the consoles, one at each gig. It provided additional programming services to enable Lawrence to have his full show in both venues and the available programming time was exceptionally short.

Upton who was classically trained at the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) in the UK, is well known for bringing an intense theatricality and great imagination to his lighting designs which is highly appropriate for bands like Offspring, whose live shows have great scope for drama. He has toured extensively with other acts including Smashing Pumpkins and Evanesence, and recently started a boutique design company, UV Lighting, with lighting designer and director Craig Gaff.



Photos by Tijs van Leur
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