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Shure Academy offers a microphone seminar for professional audio

November 2015

As part of a continual expansion of their Shure Academy programme, Shure Distribution UK is introducing a new wired microphone training seminar in Waltham Abbey on 19th November.

Aptly titled Wired Mastered, the event will follow soundly in the footsteps of its thriving Wireless Mastered seminar, which continues to tour across the UK and Europe.  Wired Mastered is tailored specifically to provide engineers and production professionals with the knowledge and confidence to make comprehensive decisions when choosing and operating wired microphone technology. Attendees will learn from Shure’s microphone experts, covering crucial topics, such as the history behind modern microphones, the fundamental science behind the technology, and how to apply best-practice across a wide range of applications. 

Shure UK Pro Audio Group Manager, Tuomo Tolonen commented: “In most applications, be it live performance or studio recording, your microphone is the first piece of equipment in the signal chain. Anything that happens from this point forward is affected by your selection and placement at this vital moment. Wired Mastered is essential for any professional audio engineer seeking to lay strong foundations to any production.”


The seminar is free of charge and will take place at their headquarters in Waltham Abbey on the 19th November at 10 o'clock.



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