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Void Acoustics at the Outlook & Dimensions Festivals

The Outlook and Dimensions Festivals were some of the first dance music weekend long festivals to make their home in Croatia and are now known for their amazing fort location, and towering Void sound systems.

The Outlook festival dedicates itself to reggae, drum 'n' bass and jungle while Dimensions specialises in the deep end of techno, house, and other electronic music. The festivals have fostered a dedicated following of those seeking a different festival experience who make something of a pilgrimage to the events from across Europe and North America and with good reason. 

Void Acoustics systems were found many stages of this year’s festivals. The Void stage was powered by a monstrous combination of Arc Array, Hyperfolds, Incubus Subs and Stasys X V2’s. Kyle Marriot of Neuron Pro Audio elaborates.


"For this year's festivals in Croatia, we decided to go all out with each stage's PA spec. There certainly wasn't anything lacking in previous years with the Incubus, but there aren't many places in the world where you can do something totally ridiculous without being concerned of noise limits or angry environmental health personnel.


At The Void stage, we chose to deploy three Arc Arrays per side with Incubus Subs and Hyperfolds to enhance coverage in the far field and maintain the sonic character of the Air Array for the entire audience. DSP settings on Bias amplifiers and measurement data ensured that all boxes covered the space evenly with suitable level drop on stage to allow for many acts to use vinyl without issues.


We also took out a big surprise for the DJs on the Void stage in the form of the first outing for the latest DJ monitoring system. Featuring a monster quad 15 inch sub per side and a coaxial 12 inch and 1.5 inch with a tight dispersion pattern, we had amazing feedback from many artists including legends such as Lil' Louis  who asked when they could add them to their riders for worldwide tours. 


The latest processing was also used on the Garden stage with our tried and tested Arcline system, giving more even response across the audience area and more headroom, allowing just four boxes per side to cover an audience of some 750 people.


The Ballroom stuck with the perennial favourite Air Motion system, but was this time supplemented by an array of Cyclone55 speakers installed around the rooftop areas of the fort, providing background fill with music fed from the Ballroom to punters in the bars and walkways of the fort itself. Surviving two weeks of hot sunshine, loads of dust and the occasional tropical downpour, the boxes more than proved their all-weather credentials with ease.


As can be seen online, the feedback from artists, crew and crowd alike has been excellent for all stages, with many saying that the Void system was by far the best on site – no small feat given the festivals pride themselves on offering the highest caliber and variety of sound systems at any event in the world! We're already looking forward to and making plans for next year,"  Kyle Marriot, Neuron Pro Audio


“The Void is special, it’s got a monstrous Void Acoustic rig and thus exceptional sound, we programme it to some of each festivals headline acts,” Joe Barnett, Festival Director.


Every year we enjoy the opportunity to showcase our latest sound systems at these festivals. This year was excellent, next year will be even better. 


Void Acoustics designs, manufactures and distributes advanced professional audio systems for the installed and live sound market sectors. The company offers an evolved series of audio solutions that encompass loudspeaker systems, power amplifiers, control electronics and accessories. Void’s commitment to R&D is second to none. Its highly skilled and experienced engineers have successfully united pioneering technologies with ground breaking design aesthetics, earning Void a worldwide reputation for high impact products that combine sonic and visual innovation.




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