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The Elation Emulation Touch

November 2015

Emulation Touch from Elation Professional, along with the Cuety app, is a new generation lighting controller that turns your tablet into a powerful lighting console.

Imagine the ease of having full DMX control of moving heads, LED lights, conventional lighting and special effects all in the palm of your hand. Easy to use and budget friendly the Emulation Touch is designed exclusively for use with the Cuety app, the intuitive Emulation Touch programmer software. Available for iPad from the Apple App Store and for Android tablets from the Android app store the Cuety user interface enables users to take full advantage of your tablet’s mobility and multi-touch display. 

Two hardware interface versions are available - the Emulation Touch 1 and Emulation Touch 2. The Emulation Touch device contains the powerful engine that runs a show, calculates fade times and renders dynamic effects. A standard cuelist-based system for control of up to 64 fixtures with 64 playbacks and 48 cues per playback, it includes a powerful built-in FX generator and fixture library. 

Both versions include an RJ45 Ethernet port for Art-Net and Streaming ACN (sACN) protocol, as well as an optically isolated DMX-512 port. Emulation Touch 1 is designed for entertainment lighting applications while Emulation Touch 2 is designed for fixed installations and offers extra protocols like OSC, UDP, TCP and HTTP. These protocols enable users to connect to a wide range of third party control systems and show controllers as well as apps like TouchOSC. 

Also available is the Cuety Remote app for Apple iPhone which enables users to remote control both the Emulation Touch 1 and the Emulation Touch 2 by triggering the playback buttons.


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