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All Robe at the Las Lunas Del Auditorio 2015

November 2015

Mexican live performance and music industry's most prestigious awards took place at the 10,000 capacity venue and founder of the event, Auditorio Nacional. For the first time the events moving lights were exclusively Robe.

An array of the great, the good and the glorious from the Mexican and Latin American world of show business and entertainment rocked the red carpet, and worldwide industry talent lined up to collect the coveted awards. It is the only event in Mexico to be broadcast live across the three main TV channels as well as being live streamed over the internet via YouTube to maximise its reach.

In its 14 years existence, Lunas del Auditorio awards has hosted and presented international artists like Bon Jovi, Tony Bennett, Paul Van Dyk and many more.

For Sergio Serrano, owner of LED Project , it was also a personal triumph in that the leading rental company won the Lunas contract for the first time, an achievement making him bristle with pride.

A great champion of Robe products for the last two years, Serrano commented: "It was a great honour to be there and to see such a spectacular lighting design using a dynamic combination of nothing more than Robe moving light products." These included 24 BMFL Spots, 16 LEDBeam 1000s, 48 Pointes, 10 MMX Spots, 22 LEDWash 300s and 10 CycFX 8s.

German ‘Tiffy’ Castellanos, a top Mexican LD who also works extensively in the US and internationally, is known for his innovative approach and for thinking 'out-of-the-box’. It was his seventh time designing lights for Las Lunas, a process that evolved working in close conjunction with set designer Mauricio Chacón and video content producer Iván Trujillo.

Eight diverse live acts and special artist collaborations appeared live onstage throughout the evening as the 21 categories’ nominees were announced and the winners awarded. The numerous imaginative challenges were ensuring each production section looked good, that the very excited 10,000 audience packing the Auditorio had a great evening and that the cameras could capture all the action for the massive TV and online audiences.

Custom video content was created for each of these live segments and Castellanos, a big Robe fan, used this as a starting point for the lighting.  "I matched components like colour and also the look, feel and mood of the movies, each of which told a story to accompany the song, whether it was a ballad or a full on rock-out. These narratives were accented by the visuals supporting the music," he explained. The creative team also worked closely with TV director Antonio Acevedo to accomplish this objective.

The BMFL Spots were placed on two trusses flown above the front section of audience and used to sweep around the entire venue, creating wide camera shot looks. Castellanos used them for the first time last year (shortly after their launch) for Cafe Tacvba, one of the most famous Mexican bands for which he is also the LD. Serrano (who was production managing the band at the time) also helped set this up as LED Project was the first company in Mexico to purchase BMFLs. "I love the sheer power of the BMFL, the speed of the fixture and the great gobos," Castellanos enthusiastically explained, adding it was fundamental to this design to draw the audience into action and make them feel part of the show.

However, his favourite Robe product of all time, to date, is still the Pointe, which he started using last year with Cafe Tacvba. "It’s an incredible fixture!” he declares, “it can do everything you need … and it’s small, light and neat enough to be fitted into any space."

On Las Lunas the Pointes were rigged on trussing frames in between the eight onstage LED screens and also on one of the mid over-stage trusses, where they worked across the whole space. It was the first time he'd used LEDBeam 1000s, which were also on a mid-truss, being used for washing the main performance area and sweeping out into the audience. He was impressed with the intensity, colour mixing and the way the luminaires work as efficient and intense wash lights.

The LEDBeam 300s were dispersed around the multiple over-stage trusses and used to cover specific areas like the awarded nominees’ podium and the presenters’ stage. The CycFX 8s provided footlights for the presenters’ stage with another row of them washing down onto the same area from a small curved truss above. It was Castellanos' first experience with these as well, prompting him to say he’d like to get his hands on about 100 for a gig “to have some serious fun!”

The 12 MMX spots were positioned on one of the over-stage trusses and used for back lighting the bands, the winners during their acceptance speeches, the presenters and for texturing the floor. "They are strong and bright, a very elegant luminaire; I love the CMY mixing," Castellanos said. In addition to everything in the arena, illuminating the red carpet and the VIP mingling areas, as well as the press photo wall outside Auditorio Nacional, there were 24 LEDBeam 100s plus MMX WashBeams, miniPointes, MiniMes projecting the sponsor logos around and CitySkape Xtremes.

He ran all the show’s moving lights from his ChamSys MQ100 console and additional generic house lighting was run by the venue's head of lighting, Jorge Ríos. Executive Producer Patricia Fuentes chose to work with LED Project, selected from some fierce competition. The moment everything was confirmed, Serrano realised it would be an ideal chance to “show that Robe fixtures could shine". Serrano reckons that Robe is the moving light brand that “everyone wants to use right now” and that the Pointe in particular is “perfect for the Mexican market.”

After such an important event, the Las Lunas del Auditorio awarded artists and invited celebrities headed off into the night to numerous after-shows. Social channels filled up with positive comments and feedback about the 2015 production, being hailed as one of the best ones.

The vast production team from Auditorio Nacional was co-ordinated by Francisco Serrano, producer and director of Lunas del Auditorio, and general manager Salvador Vera Islas. Castellanos created the lighting design and LED Project supplied the equipment, both based in the vibrant metropolis of DF.


Photos by Louise Stickland
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