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Elation Gear Shines on El Paso’s Sun City Music Festival 2015

November 2015

The SCMF production and lighting design was done by Andrew Gumper of AG Light & Sound who turned to Color Chorus 72 LED battens and Platinum Spot 35 Pro moving heads to highlight the set design.

The Main Stage rig, which included effects from Elation Colour Chorus LED battens and Elation Platinum Series moving heads, was a spectacle of its own with a grid of diamond-shaped trusses hanging high above the DJ booth with two large rectangular-diamond shaped screens on each side of the stage and a massive LED screen backdrop. Each overhead diamond truss was lined with Colour Chorus 72 fixtures, Elation’s popular six foot long LED strip light that housed 288 three watt RGBA LEDs for a wide palette of colour choice.

Each side LED screen was also lined with Colour Chorus 72s as was a truss structure that fronted the DJ booth that mirrored the diamond trusses above. Gumper, who has used the Colour Chorus LED battens before, employed the versatile battens at SCMF for colourful scenic looks and linear effects.

Also in the Main Stage rig (and used to cut through with dynamic mid-air gobo and spot beam looks) were Platinum Spot 35 Pros; Elation’s multi-feature 800W moving head. The powerful spot fixtures worked from staggered bars left and right of the backdrop LED wall and along the side stage LED screens. Illuminating the set’s truss elements in shades of warm color were Elation Opti Tri 30 LED Par lights.

Elation gear also featured on the festival’s other two stages with Platinum Spot 35 Pros and Opti Tri 30s lighting the Beatport Stage while Platinum Beam 5R Extremes and Platinum Beam 5Rs provided dense mid-air beam looks on the Bass Dunes Stage.


Photos: Adam Kaplan - ASK Media Productions Inc.
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