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White Light is Write on Kew for Literary Festival

November 2015

Being held for the first time ever this year, the Write on Kew literary festival was a celebration of all genres of literature, from fiction to science, children’s books to cookery.

The event took place over four days from 24 – 27 September and was situated within the various spaces at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Following its previous work at the venue, along with its reputation as the complete production solution specialist, White Lights were on hand to provide the entire production support for the festival.
Write on Kew featured more than 80 events, including talks from renowned authors such as Margaret Atwood, A.S. Byatt and Bill Bryson. Ellie Barnett, Senior Commercial Events Manager at Kew Gardens, commented: “Over the past 18 months, we worked closely with our publishing team to create an event which would not only celebrate literature but also utilise the historic Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.” As this was the first time the event was taking place, the organisers had to ensure that all aspects were thoroughly planned – especially the production support. Barnett added: “We wanted a production company who we could trust to oversee the various production aspects of the event. As a result, we contacted WL as we knew they would be able to deliver this.”
WL provided the production support across the entire range of spaces at the Royal Botanic Gardens, including the Joseph Banks Building, the Nash Conservatory, the Jodrell Lecture Theatre and a temporary marquee to name but a few. Emily Woolnough, WL’s Project Manager, commented: “One of the biggest challenges during the festival was working in the various spaces. Each of them was so different yet we had to provide an AV and lighting set-up which would get the most out of each one – whether this was for a reading, a talk or a performance.”
As a result, WL drew on its extensive range of equipment. Woolnough noted: “Each space had two plasma screens, a stage, a PA system and extensive lighting. By managing all of the production aspects, this meant we could ensure that each event ran as smoothly as possible.”
Due to the vast equipment and multiple spaces, this meant that WL had to set-up over the week leading up to the event. Woolnough added: “As several of the locations were located within the heart of the actual gardens themselves, this meant we had limited access with vehicles hence we had to carry a lot of the equipment manually! Fortunately we planned thoroughly in terms of the working area and how long it would take to set up to ensure that we were fully prepared for when the festival started.”
Write on Kew was a huge success and will return once again next year. Barnett concluded: “WL were unbelievably efficient and professional throughout the entire festival; something which was invaluable with this being the first time it took place.  We are extremely grateful for their help.”


Photos courtesy of Thom Hudson
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