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Robe BMFL's on the Runway at New Zealand Fashion Week

December 2015

Simon Garrett from Oceania Productions lit the New Zealand Fashion Week show-space, which is also known as ‘The Runway’ by NZFW fans.


Garrett has been involved with the event for many years, but this was his first using 12 of Robe’s powerful BMFL Spots, which were rigged on a spine truss above the 30 metre polished concrete presentation runway.


This year Garrett’s goal was to bring some extra visual thrills to the party with the versatile Robe BMFL’s, and having them on-board also enabled him to create varied lighting and make each collection different and individual.


With the majority of the rig being a standard tungsten set up, 120 plus profiles on three box truss spines above the runway and a substantial front array ahead of the photographer pens, Garrett wanted effects lighting that could instantaneously change the whole vibe of the space at the start of the shows.


“The sheer power of the BMFLs is incredible,” he stated. “I bounced light off the walls and ceiling for effects as well as projecting onto the entrance way, and the wide range of colour temperature options was invaluable.”

Having the Robe BMFL’s on the rig, run via a Robe Hog 4 console, also enabled him to close down the space, which accommodated between 400 and 800 guests depending on the show, with areas of light and dark.
Some of the designers also had specific visual requests, and with the Robe BMFL’s right there Garrett could work in tandem with video projection mapped on to the front entrance wall.


“They are great workhorse fixture” said Garrett.


"All the features are very good, they have been used constantly since we bought them and the lamps even at 750 hours look great!” He added that for most of their music-based shows, having brighter fixtures is essential to contend with a large amount of LED screen onstage. “We need BIG lights and good control BMFL hits the spot!” Garrett noted.


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