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Powersoft’s Xperience The Power Showcases M-System

December 2015

Italian amplifier manufacturer Powersoft hosted four exclusive in-person listening sessions in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


The presentation and listening experience, featuring invitation-only attendees from live sound, systems integration and loudspeaker manufacturing markets on the west coast, heralded the next generation of Powersoft's Class D amplifiers and moving magnet linear technology. After an explanation on the science behind the technology, guests saw a demonstration as M-System took centre stage.


Brad Katz, System Designer at San Francisco-based JK Sound, commented: "The M-Force is very exciting and it is nice to see such a breakthrough in driver technology. The most compelling thing I saw at the demo is the passion that the Powersoft team has brought to the table — it is very clear to me that this company is trying push the audio industry forward, and this is where it is at for me."


The M-System was designed for high output power subwoofers, utilising Powersoft's M-Force motor transducer, its M-Drive switching mode amplifier module and its Differential Pressure Control (DPC) technology. M-System is capable of reproducing 150 dB SPL or more out of a single cabinet.


"M-Force represents the pinnacle of all of Powersoft's engineering developments that have transpired over the last 20 years," commented Kurt Metzler, Director of Sales at Powersoft. "There are limitations to the conventional amplifier and transducer model, and M-Force changes that paradigm with a specialised, purpose built linear motor and a specialised amplifier. The result is an unparalleled amount of force, power and sonic efficiency in a very small enclosure."


Each of the presentations, which occurred on November 18 and 20, also included a demonstration of Powersoft's other innovative amplifier lines, including K Series, X Series and its Armonia software, which puts DSP and control capabilities to the hands of the user. The sessions highlighted the overall advantages of Class D amplification, which Powersoft introduced in 1995. These include more efficient power consumption, lower heat dissipation, and a smaller physical footprint, and among other benefits.


Attending Xperience The Power was a diverse group of designers, systems integrators, touring and rental operators, dealers and loudspeaker manufacturers. "This roadshow - which we expect will continue into 2016 - takes Powersoft's message of performance and efficiency to companies that are at the top of their game in areas such as live sound providers, systems integrators and OEM manufacturers," Metzler continued. "As Powersoft does not manufacture loudspeakers, this represents a vast opportunity for the market at large."


Building on its earlier innovations including Class D technology, Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Differential Pressure Control (DPC), Powersoft's M-System represents a new paradigm shift in low frequency application. The system consists of M-Force, an innovative transducer based on the Moving Magnet Linear Motor structure, and M-Drive - an amplifier module specifically designed to capitalise on the potential of the M-Force technology. M-System delivers new power handling capabilities, electromagnetic conversion, reliability and maximum SPL.


The technology was also used for this year's red carpet event at the Grammy Awards, held in Los Angeles last February. The M-System is a nominee for the 31st Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards, which will be announced at the 2016 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California on 23 January.


Massimo Minardi, Sales Manager, OEM and M Systems, presented many features of the M-System before playing a live audio demonstration. Features of the M-Drive amp module include the ability to recycle Back-EMF (Electro Motive Force) from the loudspeaker as well as delivering power and current at a low impedance load.


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