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Robe Stars Shine at the Wachau

December 2015

Broadcast live on Austrian national TV channel ORF, the final 2015 edition of the Starnacht series of festival style outdoor pop concerts took place at the Dűrnstein castle ruins.


Produced by IP Media, lighting for the show was designed and programmed by Chris Moylan of Berlin based Optikalusion, and featured 31 Robe BMFL Spots, which were used for the on a Starnacht concert.


The Wachau show was the final of three site-specific based events in summer / autumn 2015 showcasing Austrian, German and Swiss pop talent, which this year featured Thomas Anders, 2014 Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst, the Radio Doria band, ex Kelly Family star Maite Kelly and singer-songwriter Johannes Oerding. Alfons Haider and Barbara Schoneberger presented the show.


A full stage and roof system, 30 metres wide by 14 deep and with 13 metres of headroom, was installed for the show, supplied together with all the lighting kit by Droneberger Showtechnik from Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. The broadcast featured 22 songs from 14 different artists, some with full band set-ups and others singing live vocals to track, all requiring rapid changeovers.


With that many songs in a short space of time, variety was a key to making the show look interesting, and this was one of the reasons Moylan said he chose Robe’s BMFL Spots, for the ‘multi-functional’ aspects of the product.

He had used BMFL’s before on music festivals during the summer and thought they would be ideal for this.


The stage was divided into two rounded levels separated with mesh surfaces and 60 Sunstrips, and the curved roof-space allowed them to install some staggered curved trusses in the air. A diagonal runway / thrust at the front going out into the audience area was used for photos.


Eight BMFL’s were positioned on the floor for high-impact looks into the cameras, with 15 in the air and one used as a rear follow spot. Seven fixtures were positioned so they could illuminate the complete opposite side of the banks along the river as well as the Dűrnstein Castle to the rear.


 “It was great to work with BMFL’s, they really enabled us to create some new, different and exciting looks,” said Moylan, saying that, as always with Starnacht gigs, he enjoyed “the family atmosphere, the camaraderie and the beautiful countryside along with the buzz and challenges of lighting the show.”


Photos by Jiri Baros
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