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AKG D7 Helps David Gilmour Conquer Royal Albert Hall

December 2015

Sound Engineer Colin Norfield praised AKG vocal mics, stating they have a "clean, all round sound".


After five decades as a leading Live Sound Engineer Colin Norfield’s roster of acts reads like a who’s who of touring giants. In 1994 he piloted the sound mix for Pink Floyd’s landmark Divisional Bell tour, and his relationship with band frontman, David Gilmour has endured right up to the five recent performances at the Royal Albert Hall to promote his new album, Rattle That Lock.


Over the years Norfield has become increasingly discerning with his equipment selection, and for the first time on these shows, he introduced the artist to AKG’s D7 dynamic mic. The Austrian company’s Artist & Key Customer Relations Manager, Walter Rührig had originally brought this to his attention.


The AKG D7 was designed to blend the subtle and open sound of a condenser capsule with the powerful resonance of a dynamic microphone. The dual-layer Varimotion diaphragm can vibrate unhindered, which results in an extremely crisp and clean sound, while the AKG D7 can also boast outstanding high gain before feedback.


“Colin and I spoke again before this tour, and I suggested he give the D7 another try,” said Rührig. The mic was submitted for initial tests several months before full production rehearsals started, and Norfield promptly adopted it, at the same time ensuring that the six backing vocalists were also equipped with the AKG D7.


Explaining his reasons behind the decision, Norfield explained: “It’s a problem to get a big punchy sound in The Albert Hall due to its notoriously difficult acoustics. I needed something that would deliver a clean, robust all round sound.” He added: “Having used the AKG D7 on other artists I have found it to be a good all round microphone, which doesn’t let much in from outside. I know of other artists who have literally screamed into the D7 - ith no evidence of distortion.”


And with no endorsement agreement in place, Norfield was free to select the product best fit for purpose. “I have always been interested in trying other microphones. Although various artist endorsements have prevented me from using AKG vocal mics on other tours, David was happy to leave the selection to me.”


Norfield continued: “The D7 is the best vocal mic in the AKG range and performs entirely to spec. They deliver the vocal exactly as I want to hear it and have so far been great. They sound just like a condenser even though they are not.”


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