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Futurelight Releases PLB-280

December 2015

The Futurelight PLB-280 is a spot, beam and washlight at the same time. The moving head is equipped with a 280W strong Osram Sirius discharge lamp.


In beam mode, it demonstrates an extremely narrow beam angle of 2°, which can be increased to 10° with the motorised focus. The built-in eight-fold prism multiplies the sharp image and arranges it in a circle, while the six-fold prism creates a linear image. 14 gobos and 13 colours on the colour wheel add more creative possibilities.


Using the moving head as spot, the zoom makes it possible to adjust the beam angle between 5.5° and 23°. In addition to the functions mentioned above, a gobo wheel with 9 rotating gobos can now be used. Gobos can be changed easily and quickly.


Even the desire for a powerful washlight is fulfilled by the PLB-280: Via DMX command, the frost filter is moved in front of the discharge lamp. The power of the discharge lamp is large enough to produce a very bright and convincing wash effect and is capable of zooming.


Despite the various possibilities this spot offers, the single modes are controllable with only 14 to 23 DMX channels. The PLB-280 is considered an all-in-one package.


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