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1 May 2008

Featuring Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Bullet for My Valentine and other electrifying alternative rock bands, the Taste of Chaos tour recently swept across venues of various scales in North America.

With a nightly bill of more than nine bands pumping six hours of uninterrupted thrashing rock, the shows called for a highly powerful and dependable audio system. This is one of the many reasons Avenged Sevenfold FOH Engineer Nigel Paul is grateful to be supported with a Meyer Sound MILO® line array loudspeaker system provided by Taylor, Mich.-based Thunder Audio.

“The tour features A and B stage with no break between acts,” observes Paul, whose long list of credits include Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Steve Vai, Yellowjackets, Cheap Trick, and others.

“And since we played in all manner of venues including large clubs, theatres, ballrooms, and large arenas, it’s nice to have a certain degree of flexibility. That’s exactly what the MILO system does for us. We can use the full complement or we can bring out less for smaller venues. Plus, it’s a very articulate, clean and accurate system that’s a real pleasure to mix on.”

The tour’s full system consisted of 14 MILOs and two MILO 120s per side, in addition to 18 700-HP subwoofers. UPJ-1P VariO™ loudspeakers provided frontfills and up to 16 MICA™ line array loudspeakers were on hand as side hangs and outfills as needed. Meyer Sound MAPP Online Pro™ acoustical prediction program was utilized to accurately predict the best configuration for each venue. A Galileo™ loudspeaker management system handled processing duties and a SIM® 3 audio analyzer was used for system tuning.

“One of the greatest things about using the MILOs on this tour is the 100% consistency in the sound quality when we use different MILO cabinets in another territory,” adds Paul. “And since it’s a self-powered system with amplification and circuitry onboard, there’s subsequently even less possible variance. The failure rate has been nil, which says a lot about the engineering and the quality of the system.”


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