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4 June 2008

ADLIB Audio continues its mega-busy spring, with their new V-DOSC system once again in action, this time on the recent Matchbox 20 UK arena tour, specified by industry veteran FOH engineer Jim Ebdon

It was the first time ADLIB has worked with the band but had worked on Rob Thomas’s last UK production tour.

ADLIB supplied their most experienced V-DOSC systems engineers – Tony Szabo and James Neale, plus monitor guru Marc Peers who looked after everything onstage.

The spec comprised 12 V-DOSC elements and 3 dV-DOSC underhangs per side for the main arrays with 4 V-DOSC left and right for the side hangs, complete with 6 dV underhangs per side.

Ground-stacked were 16 of the new V-DOSC SB28 Subs, 8 per side.

For infills they used 2 L-Acoustics ARCS cabinets per side, and four dV-DOSC fills were positioned along the front lip of the stage.

The whole system was run off the new LA8 amplifiers which have inbuilt remote control software and DSPs, plus an extremely small footprint, taking up about half the space of their predecessors.

System processing and distribution was achieved using Lake DSPs. Also at FOH Szabo utilized his SIM3 system for time alignment and system EQ. It’s extremely fast and accurate, with useful facilities like input of multiple mics via a mic switcher, allowing the whole system to be checked through quickly.

At FOH, Jim Ebdon specified a DiGiCo D5 console and a small assortment of high end effects and compressors (Lexicon 960, dbx 160SL, TC Finaliser).

In monitor world, ADLIB supplied a Digidesign Venue console for engineer Chris “Sharpie” Sharp, and the band brought their own Sennheiser G2 IEM system. “It was a real pleasure to look after Chris” says Marc Peers “Apart from his consummate professionalism, he’s a great character and a good communicator who gets on with everyone”.

ADLIB also supplied a Butt Kicker thumper seat and a dV-SUB to produce air movement around drummer Ryan MacMillan.

Sharp made the most of the Venue’s onboard plug-ins, so needed no additional  outboard devices, and the stage set up created an extremely clean and clear stage with all the guitar amps lined along the back. There was plenty to plug in, necessitating a second stage box for the Venue to provide 56 input channels in total.

ADLIB also supplied a full MP3 wedge monitor system and mics for support band Headway.


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