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6 June 2008

A fifteen point Kinesys automation system consisting of Elevation 1 drive units and PC based Vector control is being used on Radiohead's 2008 world tour.

The system was specified by lighting designer Andi Watson and is being operated by lighting crew chief Andy Beller from the side of stage. It has been supplied by rental company Neg Earth Lights who are also providing other lighting equipment to the UK and European sections of the tour.

The Elevation 1 's are being used in conjunction with CM Prostar hoists, three each of which are being used to move the "Quins", five custom built flying frames each containing 5 BB7 LED wash lights. The rig includes many customized LED fixtures developed by UK manufacturer i-Pix including the BB7s.

The whole lighting rig is LED based with no conventional moving lights, so the Quins - moved by the Kinesys system - have effectively become the moving light elements of the show. They are programmed into 30 different presets and move into different positions for each song of the set. Each ‘Quin’ is focused on a different band member.

Beller has used Kinesys automation on many previous projects, the first was on the 2004 Dido tour. "It's very straightforward to set up,  logical to operate and a highly versatile system," he comments.

Radiohead’s lighting equipment and Kinesys system is being supplied by Upstaging in the US.


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