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27 June 2008

American rock band Bon Jovi has been on the road for several months on the Lost Highway tour, which sees lead singer Jon Bon Jovi and the band play over 100 cities worldwide.

Touring in support of their latest album of the same name, the set is a marvel of entertainment technology and includes some of the latest in show lighting gear from Martin Professional; LC Series LED panels and Martin's new MAC 2000 Wash XB moving head.

The team at Performance Environment Design Group (AKA Artfag) has designed a new leg for the tour, with Spike Brandt at the helm as lighting designer and Justin Collie as show director. Lighting supply is by Ed and Ted’s of California.

Hydraulic LED wall
The set design includes a unique hydraulic LED floor/wall, namely 64 Martin LC Series™ 1140 LED panels located at the rear of the stage that angle up hydraulically. Justin Collie explains, “The LC Series panels are mounted into a hydraulic ramp – it acts as the upstage area and then can elevate so that the artist can walk on top of it.” The panels also elevate to almost 90 degrees for use as a screen for video and graphic projection.

“The panels are laid into the stage surface and are hinged at the downstage edge, right behind the band,” Justin continues. “It stays attached at stage level and the upstage edge rises up to form a platform for Jon Bon Jovi to stand on or ride in on.”

The semi-transparent, modular system of LED panels - universally praised for its brightness and set up ease – creates a stunning background and one-of-a-kind set piece. “They fit quite well into what we are trying to do,” Justin comments. “We chose them for their modularity and brightness. It’s working out fine so far with no issues.” Justin also used the LC panels on a recent Beastie Boys tour.

The LC panels use standard Prolyte CCS6 conical truss connectors, so linking the lightweight panels together is simple, and with no external power supplies or drivers, each unit comes with everything it needs built in, which reduces logistical costs and set-up time.

MAC 2000 Wash XB™
The “Lost Highway” tour marks one of the first outings for the MAC 2000 Wash XB, Martin’s new 1500 W moving head luminaire that kicks out over 60,000 lumens of power. The 2000 Wash XB also houses a host of new features including new fans, ballast and starter that combine with proven MAC 2000 modularity, optics and effects.

Performance Environment Design incorporates the MAC 2000 Wash XBs into the lighting rig on stadium dates when an extra punch of power is required. Besides the fact that the new luminaire was immediately available, Justin says that they were chosen because “they were our brightest option.” They are positioned over the stage with others used as audience lighting.

Other Martin lighting gear in the rig includes Martin Atomic 3000™ strobes. Kosher Pixels provided original content treatments for the show with set construction by Tait Towers.


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