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24 July 2008

W1 Productions have given the highest-profile baptism to the lowest-profile floor monitors - pressing their new Martin Audio LE1500 monitors into service for 31 consecutive nights at KOKO in Camden Town throughout the month of July - the duration of the iTunes Live: London Festival '08 season.

The Festival has included performances from over 60 bands — from established acts such as The Feeling, Suzanne Vega, N*E*R*D and James Blunt to up and comers such as Hadouken! and The Ting Tings.

Stuart Turvill, who runs Bury St. Edmunds-based W1 Productions, says he had planned to upgrade his hire fleet — which already includes a large inventory of Martin Audio components — “but the iTunes Festival provided the trigger, as we needed to move up to a bigger box.” And so he purchased 14 of Martin Audio’s flagship monitor.

He added, “These have proved very popular and an amazing showcase for the product — largely due to the impressive sound and curved profile. The bands love them.”

While all artists performed through KOKO’s house system W1 Productions, who handle all iTunes European production work, also fielded a Martin Audio W3P/WS18 combination for drum fills.

W1 Productions’ own sound engineers — Alan ‘Nobby’ Hopkinson (at FOH) and Will King (monitors) — provided technical support throughout the entire 31 days.

In addition to a wide selection of the classic Martin Audio LE12JB floor monitors, W1 Productions have a W8LM line array rig (and WMX subs) — as well as W3, W2, W1 and W0.5’s in their rental stock.

The company provides production services for a number of corporate clients including the Disney Channel, O2 and various car manufacturers. They also provided the sound system for last year’s iTunes Festival when it was held at the ICA in London.

“As for this year, we are really pleased with the results,” said a delighted Stuart. “This was the LE1500’s first major event and many of the visiting monitor engineers said how happy they were with their performance.”


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