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24 July 2008

Beginning with a few hundred music fans in 1996, the ViŮarock Festival has grown to become one of Spain's largest summer festivals, attracting close to 100,000 people to the city of Villarrobledo this year.

The three-day event brought together more than 90 artists ranging from hard rock and hip hop to jazz and world beat, with two adjacent stages keeping the music going non-stop through a Meyer Sound system for ten hours each day.
As Jorge Riego of Baeza-based Tuá Pro explains, the logistics of providing powerful coverage across the expanse of dual stages required special care. “The use of a single PA system for two stages created the need to cover an area 80 meters (260 feet) wide, providing 170 meters (550 feet) of throw, with two separate FOH mix positions. Needless to say, it was not your typical sound system.”
Riego’s design comprised three 15-meter (50-foot) high towers, each using 24 MILO® line array loudspeakers, with one array on each side and a third between the two stages. Thirty-six 700-HP subwoofers were groundstacked in pairs along the edge of the stage to cover low frequencies.
“All the band technicians were asking about the subs,” says Riego. “The comment I heard numerous times was, ‘I can hear it with my body!’ It really sounded divine.” The configuration also included eight UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers providing frontfill, with a Galileo loudspeaker management system using two Galileo 616 units supplying the processing power to handle the unorthodox configuration.
“The power of the MILO system was truly amazing,” Riego remarks. “During the Sociedad Alcoholica set, I measured 127 dB at FOH, and the system was telling me I still had headroom! With Meyer Sound you really have no limits, whether you’re doing opera, rock or death metal.”


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