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24 July 2008

Avolites consoles and dimmers were used site wide at the 2008 Latitude Festival by lighting rental company Siyan, who supplied four stages with equipment and crew.

These were the main Obelisk stage and Lake, Uncut and Sunrise stages, dotted around the beautiful historic parkland site in Henham Park, Southwold Suffolk

Colour Sound Experiment, who supplied the Comedy, Cabaret, Music & Film, Book Club, Poetry, In The Woods and Saddlers Wells in The Lake stages, also deployed 6 Avolites Pearls around the site.

Avolites was chosen by both companies as the most flexible festival lighting console option. With its renowned hands on, instant access and easy programming capabilities, Avolites products are enjoying another busy UK festival season. "It's simply a great festival desk" states Siyan's Bryan Leitch.

Lighting for the 4 Siyan stages was designed by Steve Finch, who worked with their crew chief Ieystn Thomas and 10 others. It was based on creating something practical for all the incoming LDs, including moving lights and a selection generics, and he studied all their specs as a starting point.

There was also plenty of latitude (no pun intended!) in the designs for the Siyan FOH lighting 'babysitters'  to have plenty of options for lighting any bands or performers without their own LDs

The Siyan team arrived at Latitude’s amazing location on the Tuesday, and had to be ready for the event to open on Friday . It is the third year the High Wycombe company has supplied lighting to this hugely popular boutique event which started in 2006 as a tonic for those seeking a more intimate, personal and chilled festival experience.

Obelisk Stage

This was a Serious Stages' 22 metre Supernova roof structure and was looked after for Siyan by Cate Carter, running two Avo Diamond 4 Vision consoles in tracking mode, enabling one to be programmed on while the other was in use.

The consoles were controlling 28 SGM Giotto 400 CMY Spot and Wash fixtures and 8 Martin Professional Martin MAC 2K Wash moving lights. Twelve SGM PALCO LED wash lights were attached to the sides of the stage at low level for cross stage washes, and there were also 10 of the smaller SGM Genio LED fixtures used as down-lighters on the rear drapes truss.

Other fixtures included 6 Studio Due CS4 bars, 8 Atomic strobes, 20 DWE 2-lites, 4 bars of 6 PARs and 10 ETC Source Fours for band key lighting. Three 1K ARRI HMIs per side filled in any front gaps as the headliners were all filmed for  broadcast on ITV2 and included Elbow, Sigor Ros, Franz Ferdinand and Interpol.

The stage offered plenty of headroom, and Siyan's sub-hung trusses were gently angled and raked to ensure that all fixtures could hit virtually all positions on stage.

Cate Carter, who is also Elbow’s LD, says, "The D4 is an excellent console and I am really happy working on it".


This was a big stripy tent with a low over-stage ceiling height due to its curves, so the lights were rigged off a front and back truss both on SuperTowers.

Brian Mandeville and Argy Atkinson looked after the lighting, running an Avo D4 Elite with a Showsafe system in shifts.

This was controlling 12 SGM Giotto 400 CMY Spot and Wash moving lights, 6 ETC Source Four profiles, 9 i-Pix Satellite LED ‘bricks’, 5 single PARs with scrollers, and 6 PixelLine LED battens on vertical stands, each also rigged with a bar of 4 ACLs.

Acts onstage here included The Guillemots, Mars Volta, The Coral (acoustic set) and many others, so versatility was the order of the day, with a wide range of performers and styles of music to illuminate.

The Lake Stage

Over at the Lake Stage, Jim Harris and Chris Titman operated an Avo Pearl 2004 from side stage whilst getting to hear some of the hottest new musical talent on the planet, sponsored as an 'introducing' opportunity by BBC Radio 4.

The Lake stage was a large open plan saddle-span tent, and most of the action took place in daylight, so lighting was designed for highlighting performers rather than producing drama and effects.

Fixtures were rigged off a back truss on towers and two runs of vertical A-type trussing downstage.

The moving lights were 8 SGM Giotto 400 CMY Spots and 4 Future Light MH640s, along with 2 strobes and 4 bars of 4 PARs.


This stage was ensconced in a beautiful woodland cutting across the lake that divides the site in two, with all the kit moved across by a special boat service to reduce the load in time. Lighting was co-ordinated for Siyan by Jo Zilm and Ben Inskip who ran an Avolites Pearl Tiger console.

"This was absolutely the perfect application for the Tiger" says Finch, "A Pearl would have been to big, and we needed a small, powerful, dynamic console".

The aesthetic brief was to keep the lighting low key but still have impact. All lights were floor based and mounted on a series of heavy based scaff tubes of varying heights, with the tent ceiling sloping down ultra low over the stage, creating a very intimate space.

Moving lights were 6 Future Light MH640s and  8 SGM PALCO mobiles plus 4 2-lite DWEs and 6 1K fresnels.

Latitude 2008 is one of many festivals to feature multiple Avolites consoles – others include Glastonbury and the upcoming Global Gathering.


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