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6 February 2007

(Copenhagen, Denmark) - DK-Technologies has made an important change to its distribution network in Greece and Cyprus by appointing Calavitis as its main distributor, with responsibility for its entire product range.

Athens-based Calavitis has been handling DK’s video products for some time, but it is now also handling the company’s Master Stereo Display audio metering products including the new MSD100C Loudness meter and the flagship MSD600M .

Established in 1968, Calavitis specialises in the film and television markets where it has a strong reputation as a distributor of high qualiy products and equipment. Among the many brands handled by the company are Crystal Vision, Eyeheight, Chyron, Gigasat, Clear-Com, Arri and AEQ.

Calavitis has recently expanded into the fields of broadcasting, installations and systems integration where its technical team of qualified engineers and consultants are able to deliver complete solutions to clients.  

Director Stefano Calavitis says: “We are honoured to be appointed DK’s distributor for the company’s whole range of products. The combining of both audio and video in single units is nothing short of ground breaking, offering solutions to the market that are hardly imaginable. We are confident that with the whole range of DK products under one roof we will be able offer taylor-made applications to cover all our clients’ needs and, indeed, surprise them with what is possible.”

Richard Kelley, director of sales and marketing for DK-Technologies, adds: “As a company, we are convinced that convergence between audio and video is the direction the industry will take and to this end we are in the process of developing products that combine both applications. Therefore it makes perfect sense to address our distribution network and ensure that we work closely with well respected companies such as Calavitis that can promote and support both audio and video products.”


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