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12 February 2008

(Czech Repuiblic) - Trussing, ground support and roofing manufacturer Milos announces an international two-day, hands-on comprehensive Technical Workshop which will be centred around its new MR5 Roof system.

The dates are 28 and 29 March 2008, and the workshop will be held at Milos HQ in Roudnice nad Labem, 40 Km north of Prague.

The workshop will be attended by a selection of Milos clients, product users and any other interested parties from all over Europe and further afield.

The workshop will include a demonstration of building up the MR5 Roof system – Milos’ newest and largest roof product to date - which has been specially designed to cater for indoor and outdoor events needing substantial stages with plenty of space and weight-loading.

Milos has asked a team from Columbus McKinnon in the US to fly in and present a seminar on CM Motors. They will bring a selection of Lodestar hoists and demonstrate how these work with the MR5 system, illustrating the safe use of hoists in this and other situations. They will also strip a Lodestar down to its component parts and go through all the vital elements inside, with the seminar concluding on a comprehensive Q&A section.

From Germany, Expo Engineering’s ‘Reputable Static Engineer’ office will lead the session discussing safe rigging practices, trussing and statistics. Topics covered will include basics like the different types of trussing and connectors and how to rig them correctly, operational statistics relating to wear & tear of the equipment, weight loadings, wind tolerances, working indoors and outdoors plus chain hoists, including German BGV C1 regulations.

Attendees will also be treated to a great night out on the town and plenty of Czech hospitality courtesy of Milos.


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