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Robe Gets The Pointe

December 2013

Robe UK's Mick Hannaford chats to TPi about the success of the the manufacturer's Robin Pointe.

As Robe return from the LDI show in Las Vegas with yet another award-winning tradeshow result - this time with its booth - the year is drawing to a close and its seems this fixture has had the lighting world talking for some time… From one-off events to global tours, Hannaford takes the quick-fire hot seat on why this product has delivered on numerous levels during 2013.

How long did the development of this product take and what were the main objectives when designing it?
We have a large R&D department that is working on a number of products at any one time, so it’s hard to be precise, but it must have been at least 18 months. We were very clear that we wanted a paralell beam capable of in-air effects but not just that - we wanted to expand the genre and give the customer a product that was more encompasssing.

What are its main features?
The ability to provide an intense paralell beam of light that can be manipulated to provide aerial effects as well as project a high definition, focusable gobo and also open wide enough to wash in vivid colour. A multi-purpose product in a small lightweight, efficient package.

What was the initial reaction to the Pointe like on the tradeshow floor?
Instantly overwhelming! It’s seems we got this one absolutely right!

Where does the Pointe fit into the Robe family of products?
It is very much a part of our Robin (Robe Innovative Technology) range of smaller, lighter, brighter moving lights. It compliments the existing range of traditional separate Spot, Wash and Beam fixtures
How has the product fit into the live & touring market place since it's launch?
It has been on specifications and riders since we first showed it. Everyone likes the level and quality of the light output. It is at home on stage as it is in the studio.
So far, this is Robe's fastest-selling fixture to date, what does this mean to the R&D department?

Of course we always take great pride in seeing our creations in use across the world, but when one is such an instant and  universal success as the Pointe has been, we get a real buzz.
How do you see this product infiltrating new territories in the New Year?

It already seems to be everywhere and demand is keeping our sales and production guys really busy. However, the pressure is back on us here in R&D to complete the next product and to ensure it is even more successful than the last.


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