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May 2008

When LD Scott Chmielewski was asked to light U.S. designer label Rock & Republic's latest fashion show, he turned to Martin Pro's new LED products.

Progressive American fashion brand Rock & Republic presented its Spring 2008 collection of clothing and accessories at a special event in New York City this February, where LD Scott Chmielewski of Digital Media Designs worked closely to implement the concepts of show producer and production designer Matt Stoelt of Stoelt Productions.

    “Rock & Republic is one of the most progressive fashion labels out there,” commented Chmielewski. “They are continually trying to push the technological envelope and aren’t afraid to use the latest cutting edge equipment.

    “Their events are always rock’n’roll and technology infused, and for this show they asked me to make the attendees’ eyes bleed! I proposed that we use the Martin Stagebar 54 and LC Series LED panels along with High End Showguns and approximately 200 Lekos. It was a 22-minute visual assault to match a cutting-edge line of clothing.”

    Chmielewski placed a column of Martin LC Series LED panels at both the entrance and exit points of the U-shaped runway and lined the columns to a matching height with Stagebar 54s. Martin’s compact yet high powered LED luminaire functions as either a pixel bar for displaying imagery or as a wash luminaire for floodlighting surfaces.

    Said the LD: “I had used Stagebars in small numbers on a TV production and immediately fell in love with them for their brightness, saturated colours, rich colour mixing and severe ease of use. They stood out on camera, even over the moving light fixtures, and had a huge presence on camera and to the eye.”

    The Stagebars and LC panels worked well together on the Rock & Republic show, and Chmielewski had no problems with co-ordinating colour shades between the fixtures. “It was completely uniform as far as intensity levels and colour matching,” he said.

    The theme of the Rock & Republic show was ‘noir’ (black) and designer Michael Ball asked for only red, white and black colour throughout the entire presentation.

    “That led exceptionally well to the white LED feature of the Stagebars,” observed Chmielewski. “The different colour temperature and the ability to add white to RGB was an added benefit. The colour temperature of the white made it stand out above any other fixture that we had on the rig.”

    With five coloured diodes (Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White) instead of the usual three, the Stagebar offers a broader range of colours.

    Chmielewski mentioned that another reason they chose the Stagebars was for their exceptional ease of use. “The Stagebars solved typical challenges you have with using this many LEDs,” he said.

    “The auto-addressing feature was very useful and the ability to copy and paste DMX settings was especially helpful because once the fixtures were up 12-15 feet in the air they were generally inaccessible.

    “This entire system was well thought out for ease of installation and programming. In my opinion, it is by far the most cutting edge LED fixture on the market.”

    Chmielewski concluded with a word of praise for lighting supplier Main Light Industries of Delaware. “As always, Main Light help me stay on the cutting edge of design by staying on the cutting edge of technology with their inventory and support.”


Photos: Vero Image © Stoelt Productions, LLC


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