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Fibre optic lighting

Fibre Optic Systems are specialists in fibre optic lighting systems, perfect for setting off any lighting plot or stage design. The Leeds based company has completed many special and bespoke project for tours and live productions.

Fibre Optic Systems are an independently owned U.K. based manufacturing company. At their factory in Leeds, FOS offer a complete in house design and manufacturing service.
Their highly experienced and motivated staff have a wealth of knowledge in the field of Fibre Optic products, servicing architectural and commercial clients with low voltage, energy efficient illumination. FOS can custom manufacture to your individual needs and requirements and having our own in house CNC machine shop, we can achieve rapid deadline times.

Fibre Optic lighting is made up of individual strands of glass fibre, which transmit the light along the fibres. Light from a light source "Projector" is fed into one end, the fibres are encapsulated into a sheathing material and the light is then transported around bends to where it is required. The light can then be diffused or spot lighted through an array of variable terminal fittings.

A harness is made up to suit the customers requirements. The length, number of tails and the terminal fittings are all made to order. Endless effects are possible, including Twinkle, Colour Changing, Mood Lighting and DMX / AVR Control and Scene setting.


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