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In addition to the leading audio rental and installation business for which it's best known, SSE also boasts a busy flight case manufacturing division.

    Over the five years since its move to Redditch, the department has developed and now makes cases for many major European pro audio manufacturers as well as end users and SSE’s own hire and sales divisions.

    From the design process, using CAD/CAM technology, through to precision manufacture utilising CNC machines for accuracy and safety, SSE’s cases are well thought-out and practical... especially as one of its main end users is in the building to offer constructive criticism at all stages!

    The manufacturing team have designed a custom range of extrusions, which has been developed from the extensive and extreme touring experience at SSE, and which all have strength and practicality at their heart.

    In addition to the now well-known carpet cases used by the hire division, SSE also fabricates flightcases in a range of laminates, exclusively using birch plywood as the base material. A wide range of laminates are stocked, and laminating is done in-house on the hydraulic press, making lead-time from order to delivery as short as possible. Lightweight cases are also manufactured using composite materials.

    Rich Davis, SSE’s fabrication sales manager commented: “We recently moved into a separate unit next to the main warehouse. This has given us the extra space to expand and grow the division. We’ve invested in new machinery and infrastructure and taken on more staff, and become more efficient as we now do everything in house, from laminating to welding. We can really control the whole process from design through to the end product.’

    Davis’ colleague, fabrication production manager Will Gowan added: “Our own extrusions are second to none. They’re really well designed as our people know exactly what's required to make them fit for purpose. We have our own in-house assessment team with the hire department next door so our cases always have to be 100% both in strength of manufacture, practicality and ease of handling.

    “It's amazing what cute design features a team of sound engineers can come up with when they put their minds to it! It certainly keeps us on our toes. We've got a great team which has now grown to 10 in the fabrication department, and loads of orders so we're never bored!”


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