Total Production


May 2008

For 35 years, CP Cases has been protecting the broadcast, music and film industries with superior quality bags, cases and 19" racks.

    CP Cases’ biggest strengths are finding casing solutions to complex customer problems for expensive and delicate equipment. It is due to this ability that it operates at the higher end of the flight case market, often using its knowledge of plywood and combining this with its expertise in other materials, such as aluminium, steel, textiles and polyethylenes.

    The in-house design team are experts in producing the right case to suit every customer’s application. The company stated: “Brands such as Sony come to CP Cases because they understand our abilities and with the recent Sonaps demonstration studio, we produced unique plywood case and AV mounted 19” racks with monitor screens in the lids including gas struts.”

    Another example of CP in action is the recent Panasonic TV by IT European tour. With the quality of finish paramount and a number of designs required with in-field operation a necessity, CP produced a number of operational cases, allowing Panasonic to arrive, set up and demonstrate seamlessly.

    Integrating metalwork into the cases is often something CP’s design team have to incorporate into flight cases. Mitsubishi Diamond Vision required CP to construct a clamshell flight case design on a steel frame, which allowed the giant screens to be taken on site and rigged using large cranes.


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